Museum Guest Comfort Requires a Look from All Angles

Interactive Long Night of Museums Special Guided Tour experience encourages visitors to participate, reflect, and discuss at Museum Brandhorst in Munich. Photo courtesy of Museum Brandhorst.

Picture an exhibit space in any museum. Now ask yourself a simple question—how do I know if museum guests will be comfortable in this space? Will they be happy, engaged, and feel safe? 

If this mental exercise feels indefinite, you aren’t alone. 

One of the ongoing challenges of delivering a memorable museum experience is to define what an excellent experience looks like for visitors, especially in the post-COVID world.  You can’t avoid the “high-alert” mental state society has experienced during this COVID climate. Museums must be sensitive to individual and community needs while also creating experiential sanctuaries that allow visitors to feel relaxed and delighted. 

The leading perspective is that a space design should include strategies to reduce the risk of spreading COVID amongst visitors and staff.  

Read on to learn how your team can invite visitors back to your museum with practices that consider your experiential goals and your guests' low-confidence levels.

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The Museum Team Perspective 

Museum accessibility is like a multi-layered hexagon — it’s a roadmap of considerations that can be intimidating to identify completely. The museum industry is full of institutions that abide by CDC guidelines in its operations. Some focused on pausing community gatherings, while others implemented multiple sanitization and social distancing tactics. 

Examining the most stringent COVID-management practices can be a crash course in political science, operational management, public health, and community relations. 

But, the ability to rebuild museum visitor trust is rooted in an authentic, long-term commitment to ongoing practices that make visitors feel safe and comfortable. The past two years have pushed a cultural shift. Today, organizations understand that they need to do more to be destinations for visitors for the long term.


  • Embrace enhanced accessibility and inclusivity (hybrid programs).
  • Hybrid programs are great for enhanced accessibility for more participants and great networking/marketing.
  • Embrace cultural shift that has allowed leadership to involve all levels of the organization.
  • Allow more people at the table - from inside and outside the organization.
  • Authentically commit to a human-centric experience.

The Guest Perspective 

The influence of museums relies on visitor impressions, memories, and interactions. No longer a place to just show-and-tell, museums are now places for community gathering and interactive experience. Today, museums are co-authored spaces where visitors are contributors and consumers of the experience.

Location: Denver Art Museum

Photo Courtesy of Denver Art Museum Group Experiences

Location: Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College

Photo Credit: Dale Preston

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About the Author:

Lindsay Lucarelli leads the Tour product and marketing for DC-ConneX by David Clark Company to deliver audio system solutions for organizations to create better group experiences. Learn more about DC-ConneX’s innovative product lineup or contact Lindsay here.

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